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HocusPocus is currently offering functionality for heart, lung and abdominal ultrasound scans to enable remote FICE and CUSIC training.

How to use

  1. We assume that you are a trainee in intensive care who has already attended a ultrasound training course. If not, upcoming courses can be found on the ICS website for FICE and CUSIC.
  2. Please identify a supervisor for your accreditation - there is a national database on the ICS website for FICE trainers and also for CUSIC trainers.
  3. Once you have attended a course and nominated a trainer, register an account by clicking on the link in the top right corner of this page.
  4. You will need to collect at least 10 scans which are directly observed by your mentor until basic competencies are met. Subsequent scans can be undertaken without direct supervision but these must be stored for review with the mentor. Please indicate on the scans if they are directly observed or not.
  5. You will need to learn how to export clips and images from your echo/ultrasound machine. Please ask your supervisor how to do this. Although scans are automatically anonymised when uploading to the DICOM Library website, this process is not perfect. Therefore we strongly advise that you do not use patient identifying data when labelling your scans. Instead, use your own initials and a scan log number.
  6. Upload your scan files to www.dicomlibrary.com. This will generate a link which you will need to keep, to add to your scan record.
  7. Create a record for your scan in hocus-pocus.org.uk by selecting "Add a patient". There are options to add a FICE () and/or CUSIC (pleural / abdominal / vascular) study as denoted by the graphic. Complete the record as directed.
  8. Once the record has been completed and submitted, it is added to your logbook and is available for review by your supervisor. We suggest that this is done through videoconferencing so that both trainer and trainee can "virtually" review the scans together.
  9. Once the mentor has reviewed the study they can approve and "sign" it. Trainees may have multiple mentors.
  10. When the trainee has completed his/her logbook a "triggered assessment" is required which can be indicated on HocusPocus.
  11. Note: Use of this website is entirely at the user's own risk. Please see the Terms and Conditions and Medical Information Disclaimer for more details.
  12. Important: Users should ensure that they comply with their local Trust's Data Protection and Information Governance policies. For an example of a Data Protection Agreement between NHS Trust and dicomlibrary.com please contact the HocusPocus team (ben@hocuspocus.org.uk).