Ben Attwood

Consultant Anaesthetist & Intensivist

Ben is a consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. He won a travelling fellowship award from the Intensive Care Society in 2008 to undertake a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in critical care ultrasound. He has published articles on ultrasound in remote environments and the use of videoconferencing software in ultrasound. As you can probably tell, he is a big fan of point of care ultrasound.

Jon Bedford

ST4, Intensive Care

After completing core medical training, Jon worked as a medical registrar and teaching fellow at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. It was here he started his POCUS training under the watchful eye of Ben. Jon developed a rudimentary mechanism for remote review of scans as it was difficult to find time for mentorship meetings. Jon studied medicine with George and was all too glad when George offered to turn the idea into a fully functional website. Jon is now an ICM trainee in the Thames Valley deanery. Jon is looking forward to developing the functionality and design of the site further.

George Reid

ST5, Anaesthesia

George took the scenic route to anaesthesia & intensive care. After a degree in computer science, he worked in defence and commercial software before retraining as a doctor. Following this, he laboured under the delusion that the lifestyle in Emergency Medicine was sustainable, before seeing the light and converting to anaesthesia. He is a trainee on the Wessex rotation. George developed the Hocus POCUS website.